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Dosing tanks made from PE, Chemical dosing stations with agitators, cylindrical dosing tanks, sight glass, process equipment

dosing tanks, plastic dosing tank, dosing station, hdpe tanks
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stainless steel tanks, mixing tank, food tanks, stainless steel mixing tanks
Stainless steel mixing tanks
Our dosing tanks are seamless and made from UV stabilized Polyethylene. Dosing tanks safe for food processing and with a high chemical resistance. The dosing tanks have a seamless design and are made to high quality standards.The dosing tanks are also available with electric agitator.

Cylindrical dosing tanks

Model: DVT  
cylindrical dosing tanks, chemical dosing station, seamless dosing tank, rotational moulded tanks

These cylindrical plastic dosing tanks are equipped with a screw cap, liter scale, 3/4" BSP inner thread outlet.

Capacity Outer dia. Height Opening dia
35 ltr 320 mm 500 mm DN 70
60 ltr 420 mm 640 mm DN 160
100 ltr 450 mm 810 mm DN 160
200 ltr 550 mm 1030 mm DN 160
300 ltr 655 mm 1110 mm DN 160
500 ltr 770 mm 1230 mm DN 160
750 ltr 970 mm 1170 mm DN 160
1000 ltr 1080 mm 1260 mm DN 160

Dosing tanks XL - high capacity

Model DVT-XL  
plastic dosing tank
Capacity Outer dia. Height Opening dia
1100 ltr 1100 mm 1340 mm DN 380
1400 ltr 1100 mm 1660 mm DN 380
1700 ltr 1210 mm 1715 mm DN 380
2000 ltr 1310 mm 1715 mm DN 380
2050 ltr 1210 mm 2020 mm DN 380
2400 ltr 1310 mm 2005 mm DN 380
2500 ltr 1470 mm 1715 mm DN 380
3000 ltr 1470 mm 2020 mm DN 380

Conical dosing tanks in steel rack

Model: RPT  
rectangular dosing tank standing on feet Rectangular process tanks in frame. The dosing tank has a 90 degree conical tapered bottom with a 2" opening. Complete with vented screw cap.

Available in white or black PE.

The rack is available in steel, galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Capacity Dimensions
50 liters 340 x 340 x 1110 mm
115 liters 495 x 495 x 1125 mm
200 liters 495 x 495 x 1605 mm
dosing tank in steel frame, wheels conical dosing tank in frame

Dosing tank agitators

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Dosing tank with agitator type: DVTX Conical bottom tank: DCMX

dosing tank agitator, dosing tank, mixer, 400V, 230V

dosing tank agitator, dosing tank, mixer, 400V, 230V

Dosing tank with agitator / mixer

Seamless plastic dosing tank with 230V or 400V agitator.

Available in:

Agitator 35 Liter dosing tank
Agitator 60 Liter dosing tank
Agitator 100 Liter dosing tank
Agitator 200 Liter dosing tank
Agitator 300 Liter dosing tank
Agitator 500 Liter dosing tank
Agitator 750 Liter dosing tank
Agitator 1000 Liter dosing tank

Open top dosing tank with agitator
Conical bottom tank

Available in:

Closed top with lid
- 100 liter
- 208 liter
- 320 liter

Open tank
- 190 liter
- 500 liter

Accessories and options
dosing tank trolley, wheeled chassis dosing tank spill tray, spill containment pallet
Tank trolley
Wheeled chassis available in painted steel or stainless steel
Spill tray for dosing tank
Spill containment for hazardous liquids
Anti-Static Dosing tank, Plastic dosing tank anti static PE, black tank PE,  mixing tank, PE-EL dosing tank heating, dosing tank heater, heating jacket
Black Anti-Static Dosing tank
Plastic tank anti static PE
Heating for dosing tank
Electrical dosing tank heater 0-90 Cº
316 Stainless steel ball valve, dosing tank PE hopper, feeding hopper
316 Stainless steel ball valve
PE feeding hopper
HDPE tanks, HDPE mixing tanks

Mixing tanks made from HDPE for water purification, mixing aggressive chemicals & fertilizers. Available in capacities from 1000 liters to 10,000 liters.

An HDPE tank (high density polyethylene) is extremely suitable for various applications because of the high chemical resistance

hdpe tank, mixing tank hdpe, fertilizer mixing, high density polyethylene tank, PE tank,

Stand agitators / Tripod agitators

Tripod agitators, Stand agitators, Wall mount agitators, mixers

Dosing tank agitators

dosing tanks, plastic mixing tank, dosing tank agitator, chemical process tank

Drum agitators, 200L (55 gallon) drum mixers

200L drum agitator, drum mixer, industrial agitators, drums, 55 gallon drum mixer,

Stainless steel mixing tanks

Stainless steel mixing tanks


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